24 September 2017

CNY AATG Herbst Treffen - mit CNY AATF Kombiniert! Improv in the Language Classroom

"Yes, and...." How to use Improve in the Language Classroom

October 28 in Fayetteville-Manlius High School's 

Black Box Theater (House I)

8:30 am - 1:00 pm

The CNY AATG is hosting in collaboration with the CNY AATF (American Association of Teachers of French) a workshop featuring guest presenter, Dr. Lauren Esposito, Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition professor at Syracuse University.  Dr. Esposito will share with participants some improve techniques useful to world language teachers.  If you are interested in more play-based language acquisition activities in your classes, this workshop is for you!  Improv is a fun, engaging way for students to create with language and practice in a judgement-free environment.

Other world language teachers are welcome.  
Please feel free to bring other colleagues, but let us know by October 20th
exactly how many will be attending, as we need to plan for lunch 
Lunch will be $10 which we will collect at the workshop.

CTLEs for 3 hours are available - please let us know ahead if you need one.

8:30-9:00 light breakfast and conversation
9:00-12:00 workshop
12:00-1:00 AATG Business meeting (we will hold our meeting separately from the AATF)
Certificates will be available after the meeting.

Map of FM High School

08 May 2017

CNY AATG Spring Workshop:
Saturday, May 7, 2017

Selbst gebackener Bienenstich von Harald

Presentation by

 DAAD Stipendiatin at Binghamton University
 Maike Rocker:
Popmusik im Unterricht

We also congratulated Harald Zils on his achieving tenure at Binghamton University as well as 
The Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching.  Harald is additionally working as the interim chair of the language department at Binghamton University.
A big thank you to Harald for his work as President of the CNY AATG the last two years.
Additionally, the new officers are Kate Stewart as President and Mona Pohen as Vice President.

Here's a link to the PDF "Lieder, die ein Deutschlehrer braucht":




29 April 2017

Frühlingstreffen: 6. Mai, 2017

Hallo zusammen,

alle sind herzlich eingeladen zum AATG CNY-Frühjahrstreffen am Samstag, 6. Mai, um 10 Uhr. Es findet wieder in Kate Stewart’s Klassenzimmer in der Fayetteville-Manlius High School statt.

Es gibt:
- einen Workshop über neue deutsche Popmusik (neuer als die bisherige neue deutsche Popmusik) im Unterricht — etwa 75 Minuten;
- Kuchen;
- ein kleines Businessmeeting.

Wir freuen uns auf euch! (Wenn ihr mir kurz privat zurückmailt, wissen wir auch, auf wieviele wir uns freuen. Das macht die Freude noch intensiver!)

Herzliche Grüße


Sag uns bescheid: hzils@binghamton.edu

16 April 2017

02 November 2016

Herbst Treffen: 2016
Samstag, 15. Oktober

Vielleicht nicht Zwetschgenkuchen, aber der leckerste Schokoladen-Apfelkuchen je.

Ein paar der Teilnehmer besprechen den Text "Tschick."

We had a small but delightful book club style meeting with a very lively discussion of the Young Adult novel Tschick, by Wolfgang Herrndorf.  While enjoying President Harald Zils’ home baked Schokoladenapfeltorte, (with home made Schlagsahne thanks to Rosemary Morewedge) we weighed in on the terrific features of the book, looking for themes that could be topics of student output/reflection on the text.  General consensus was that it could be used in sections better than in its entirety, and that the newly released film might be a good accompaniment to the unit.

Those in attendance were very enthusiastic about the summer reading and were hopeful to repeat the project with another text for next Fall’s meeting; summer being an ideal time for busy teachers to read a little, an authentic text/piece of contemporary literature is especially good for those of us who are not native speakers.  More on that possibility to come.  If you have a a favorite text that you would like to recommend as a possible summer read, please do not hesitate to let officers know.

Our next meeting will be May 6th, 2017, at 10:00 am.  Please mark your calendars now!  This is a compromise that will hopefully allow the longer distance traveling members time to get to the meeting, and not take up most of the day as well.  We really hope more members can be in attendance.  We miss you!

Finally, several members of the CNY AATG attended the NYSAFLT Annual Meeting which was in the Syracuse area this year for the first time since at least 1961.  There were some outstanding workshops as always.  One especially good piece of news was the award of the 2016 NYSAFLT Parent Advocate Award Friday night at the annual banquet to Brigitte Hale, mother to two Fayetteville-Manlius former students of German, for her work in successfully keeping the German program in place at FM. She was incredibly inspiring and received the only standing ovation of the evening.  There were several weepy teachers among the crowd, as her words were meant to reflect on the importance of language learning in general and her gratitude for the passionate teaching of languages.

Kate Stewart

12 October 2016

CNY AATG Fall Meeting: 15. October, 2016

Dieses Mal wollen wir gemeinsam den Roman „Tschick“ von Wolfgang Herrndorf besprechen. Ich weiß, dass er einigen von euch schon großes Vergnügen bereitet hat; wer das Vergnügen nachholen will, hat noch ein paar Tage Zeit dazu. Das Paperback gibt es u.a. bei Barnes & Noble (bn.com), das dürfte auch die schnellste Kaufmöglichkeit sein. Die englische Übersetzung heißt übrigens „Why we took the car“.

Wir wollen das Buch gemeinsam etwa eine Stunde lang besprechen und dann das übliche (kurze) business meeting abhalten. Bei genügend Nachfrage gibt es Pflaumenkuchen.

Lasst mich bitte wissen, ob ihr kommen könnt! Ich freue mich auf euch.

Herzliche Grüße

10 April 2016

Frühlingstreffen 2016: Bericht

We tried the new format for our meeting and while some found it took the entire day, others found the later hour easier to make a commute to attend.  It’s a tough call.  Ultimately, in order to properly know if we want to continue with a later meeting time, we have to give it one more try.  Thus our next meeting will be again at the later time slot:

1:00, Saturday, October 15, 2016.  Please mark your calendars now, and reserve the date! 

The location will be determined later.

Don’t forget, we will be reading the book “Tschick” this summer, to discuss at our fall meeting.  I bought a copy for $5.99 on Amazon.

We viewed the recent movie “Honig im Kopf” with Til Schweiger, and it was overwhelmingly positively received.  The film had us both laughing and crying.  We had a really interesting discussion on the aging population of Germany and Alzheimer’s in general.  

Following the film, streaming German TV was discussed and a couple suggestions were made for members interested.

Chris Solan uses Free Stream TV:  http://www.freestreambox.com/  (hopefully that is the correct link) but says he can get a better price.  Interested members can contact him directly:  csolan@mac.com

Harald Zils recommends: Mediathekview  Mediathek

Both enthusiastically report the ability to watch a multitude of German products.  

Members liked the posters I had hanging in my room that featured opposing adjectives depicted in really nice graphics.  Here’s the link for them - they can be easily downloaded and printed on 11x 17 paper:  Deutschlernerblog

Chris also had a website suggestion for great handouts:  IsLCollective

Before moving to the business meeting, we had a brief celebration for Shadia Khalifa, our Testing Chair for the last 13 years, who will be retiring from teaching at the end of this year.  Thankfully, she will continue for a few more years both in the role of Testing Chair and Treasurer of our CNY AATG!  Please congratulate Shadia, on a job well done both as teacher and CNY AATG officer for such a long time.  Her help has been really instrumental in keeping our professional organization together.

Finally, the attending members voted and approved of our new President, Harald Zils! 

Wir gratulieren und freuen uns auf das kommende Jahr!