08 April 2018

Frühlingstreffen 2018

CNY AATG Spring Meeting 2018
APRIL 7, 2018

CNY AATG Spring 2018 meeting's Naschkätzchen-Tisch

Secondary and college level CNY German teachers focused on presentations in the DaF classroom, both for instructors and students' usage.  
Syracuse University lecturer, Mona Eikel-Pohen, PhD, presented on how to best present, focusing on topics such as status of presenters versus audience, methods to survive presentation anxiety and alternative methods to straight presentations.  Participants practiced with a book of their choosing and made use of strategies to train students to be more comfortable with the Presentational Mode of communication.  

Chapter 35 news:

John LaLande, 18 years at SUNY Oswego is stepping down to pursue other activities and will be retiring at the end of this year.  We wish him all the best in this new chapter and hope that he will remain a vital part of our CNY AATG community.

Several local Senior German students have won CNY German-American Society Scholarships, which will be celebrated at their Student Night on April 30th at 6 pm in the Turners' Club on Salina St. in Syracuse.  The winners are:

Blake Battersby - Baker High School
Matthew Dai - Fayetteville-Manlius High School
Benjamin Iven -Baker High School
Anna Miller -Baker High School
Paige Miller - Onondaga Central High School
Jack Ryan - Mexico High School

Fayetteville-Manlius Sophomore Sam Theoharis was awarded an AATG PAD travel scholarship after success on the National German exam and pursing the interview process with 3 German teachers/professors.  He will leave for a 3 week homestay and Berlin tour on June 20, 2018.

Below please find the link to Mona's presentation.


Our next CNY AATG Meeting will be Saturday, October 27, 2018 at 9:30 am.
Our topic of choice will be to share what each of our plans are for the coming 50th anniversary of the building of the Berlin Wall.

30 March 2018

CNY AATG Spring Workshop 2018: April 7

CNY AATG Spring Workshop 2018: 

April 7, 9:30 am Room 2213 Fayetteville-Manlius High School  

Manlius, NY,

Our current Vice President, Dr. Mona Eikel-Pohen will give a presentation:  

Präsentationen im DaF-Unterricht: Überlegungen, Überlebensstrategien, Übungen

Suitable for all levels.
Included are some improv activities and exercises as well as bit of theory.

Important:  Please bring a German book of your choice (fiction or non-fiction) that you would like to practice presenting with.

If we have extra time, we’ll do a Method Swap Shop, so come with an idea to share.

Our plan will be:

9:30-10:00 Kaffee/Kuchen
10:00-11:00/11:30 Präsentation/Swap Shop
11:30-1:00 Lunch/Business meeting  (We will order from Panera or Brueggers, more on that to come)

Please RSVP directly to me:  eiskate@twcny.rr.com 

Kate Stewart

30 October 2017

CNY AATG Fall Workshop: "Yes, and..." Improv in the Foreign Language Classroom

Fall Workshop:
"Yes, and..." Using Improv in the Foreign Language Classroom
October 28, 2017
Fayetteville-Manlius High School, Manlius, NY

Presenter Lauren Esposito (r) and Phil Gross (l)

CNY AATG joined up with the CNY AATF to work together to provide a fantastically useful and delightfully fun workshop on incorporating improv into foreign language teaching.  The CNY AATF managed registrations and organized the food for the event.  About 30 participants spent 4 hours at Fayetteville-Manlius High School playing and laughing, while acquiring techniques for active and lively use of the target language.

Here's the Link to the Syracuse Improv Collective, for more information and dates/times of drop in workshops.

We were divided into two groups to warm up, experiment with improv techniques, and play with language.

One of the final Living Tableaus depicting an interpretation of a short piece of literature, featuring CNY AATG members Gülden Olden, Jan Hohenstein and Ann Pfeifer.

The "Best in Show" Tableau (French Teachers!)

In other news, we celebrated our colleagues' successes:
Richard Ernst, German and French Teacher at Eagle Hill Middle School won the New York State Association of Foreign Language Teachers' Ruth E. Wasley Teacher of the Year Award at the NYSAFLT Annual Meeting in Buffalo, NY on October 20, 2017.

Wir gratulieren Dir, Richard!

Our esteemed colleagues 
Karina Von Tippelskirch (Syracuse University) 
Harald Zils (Binghamton University)
 were both granted tenure in the last year, an accomplishment we all are thrilled about, 
both for them and for the consequent additional stability to German teaching in the CNY area.
Thus multiple cakes were in order:

Tenure macht hungrig.

Our Schatzmeisterin/Testing Chair, Shadia Khalifa, announced too that she is moving to South Carolina in May of 2018, so will need to resign from her positions.
We are grateful to Mona Eikel-Pohen for accepting the role of Testing Chair immediately.
The position of Treasurer is yet unfilled and all current members are requested to consider the (not very demanding) job and let an officer know.

We ended our meeting with the mission to all members to...

Please mark your calendars, our next meeting is 
April 7, 2018 at 9:30 am

Our topic of focus: Presentation Skills in Foreign Languages MEP

Here is the link to Lauren Esposito's presentation 
which she has graciously shared with us:

This is the handout she provided.

24 September 2017

CNY AATG Herbst Treffen - mit CNY AATF Kombiniert! Improv in the Language Classroom

"Yes, and...." How to use Improve in the Language Classroom

October 28 in Fayetteville-Manlius High School's 

Black Box Theater (House I)

8:30 am - 1:00 pm

The CNY AATG is hosting in collaboration with the CNY AATF (American Association of Teachers of French) a workshop featuring guest presenter, Dr. Lauren Esposito, Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition professor at Syracuse University.  Dr. Esposito will share with participants some improve techniques useful to world language teachers.  If you are interested in more play-based language acquisition activities in your classes, this workshop is for you!  Improv is a fun, engaging way for students to create with language and practice in a judgement-free environment.

Other world language teachers are welcome.  
Please feel free to bring other colleagues, but let us know by October 20th
exactly how many will be attending, as we need to plan for lunch 
Lunch will be $10 which we will collect at the workshop.

CTLEs for 3 hours are available - please let us know ahead if you need one.

8:30-9:00 light breakfast and conversation
9:00-12:00 workshop
12:00-1:00 AATG Business meeting (we will hold our meeting separately from the AATF)
Certificates will be available after the meeting.

Map of FM High School

08 May 2017

CNY AATG Spring Workshop:
Saturday, May 7, 2017

Selbst gebackener Bienenstich von Harald

Presentation by

 DAAD Stipendiatin at Binghamton University
 Maike Rocker:
Popmusik im Unterricht

We also congratulated Harald Zils on his achieving tenure at Binghamton University as well as 
The Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching.  Harald is additionally working as the interim chair of the language department at Binghamton University.
A big thank you to Harald for his work as President of the CNY AATG the last two years.
Additionally, the new officers are Kate Stewart as President and Mona Pohen as Vice President.

Here's a link to the PDF "Lieder, die ein Deutschlehrer braucht":




29 April 2017

Frühlingstreffen: 6. Mai, 2017

Hallo zusammen,

alle sind herzlich eingeladen zum AATG CNY-Frühjahrstreffen am Samstag, 6. Mai, um 10 Uhr. Es findet wieder in Kate Stewart’s Klassenzimmer in der Fayetteville-Manlius High School statt.

Es gibt:
- einen Workshop über neue deutsche Popmusik (neuer als die bisherige neue deutsche Popmusik) im Unterricht — etwa 75 Minuten;
- Kuchen;
- ein kleines Businessmeeting.

Wir freuen uns auf euch! (Wenn ihr mir kurz privat zurückmailt, wissen wir auch, auf wieviele wir uns freuen. Das macht die Freude noch intensiver!)

Herzliche Grüße


Sag uns bescheid: hzils@binghamton.edu

16 April 2017